Alexandre Covello

Alexandre Covello

CEO & Founder

Arnaud de Marmiès

Arnaud de Marmiès

Executive Chairman

Maria Melamed

Maria Melamed

Project Manager

Candice Lemaitre

Candice Lemaitre

Marketing manager

Aida Maratova

Aida Maratova

Project Manager

Fatma Robertson

Fatma Robertson

Investor relation

Screening committee

AngelsCube’s investment team is complemented by an outsourced screening committee made of voluntary experts with industry knowledge across the most relevant business areas, proven track records and deep knowledge in technology, strategy, growth, investment and exit.

The screening committee members support Angelscube’s team in our rigorous investment decision making process, enabling us to handpick startups with the most growth potential from our strong deal-flow.


AngelsCube believes that active engagement with portfolio companies can make the difference between success and failure, and in the case of success a substantial difference to the magnitude of that success. As an organisation, we take a much more hands-on approach in engaging and building support for our portfolio companies than many traditional investment advisors.

To do so, AngelsCube relies on a diverse, extensive and multi-disciplinary network of advisors and mentors to provide valuable functional and sector expertise to our startups. Our team of experts knows how to build startups and can help entrepreneurs execute with speed and focus.

Equity partners

AngelsCube was founded by 36 partners with a significant track record in technology, operations and investing – successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, venture capitalists and private equity investors, who act as our trusted advisors, ambassadors and investors to help us source, select and monitor investment opportunities.

Marjella Alma-Lecourt

Jerome de Chassey

Marina Cheal

Olivier Chrestien de Beauminy

Debanjan Banerjee

Patrice Archer

Jaime Alvarez

Olivier Beau de Lomenie

Guillaume Benhamou

Matteo Berlucchi

Dylan Bourguignon

Shivani de Chassey

Sarah Clegg

Nicolo Colombo

Peter Dailey

Gabriele Dini

Jean-Michel Doublet

Thomas Drewry

Fabrizio Fantini

Elaine Foo

Claire Frelaut

Simon Greenman

Helene Guillaume

Angel Herrera

Ian Jones

Deborah Keay

Celine Lagniez

Jean-Philippe Lecourt

Ramona Liberoff

Gregory MacKin

Arnaud de Marmiés

Henry Motte-Munoz

Pier-Paolo Mucelli

Stefanie Peritore

Jan Petzel

Vincent Rietzler

Justin Roberts

Pierre-Antoine de Selancy

Jean Tardy-Joubert

Andrea Tricoli